Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Woodwoman

The woodwoman and her helpers stack sawn jarrah sleepers against the back fence. One hundred and twenty dollars for a six by four. They had no change. Our first transaction and I wasn’t feeling generous about a thirty dollar tip. So Macca and Animal sped up the lane, with malice I thought, as the trailer swayed in a spray of stones and dust. Hannah, the woodwoman, stayed and talked about the ugliness of palms. Stupid trees long and naked with no shade potential. The people who planted them didn’t realise what mess makers they were. A hangover from the eighties when everyone was mad for them, but this desert town is no place for a tropical palm. She hoped it didn’t rain as the red mud was ferocious. Glued itself to boots and shoes and didn’t budge except onto any indoor surface. She reckoned her kids believed she was created to clean mud off stuff. She was in a hurry and had to go to work making pizzas for hungry bastards. The men came back from getting the change. Tried to break the land speed record down the back lane.

Someone is drilling.
A kid is in trouble “Morgan!”
My shadow chases my pen.
Cabbage moths love dance across the sky.
Crouching clouds begin to creep.
A leaf hobbles across the pavers.
I prop the gate open.
Look at the new neat woodpile.
The sawn red ends of wood.
I photograph the wood and the stupid palms.
My cup is empty.
Incense burns low.
As I preview the photographs,
I see my reflection in the camera screen.
Wrinkled and white.
That’s me now.
I say to myself.
Get used to it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I see an older woman

I see an older woman
on the other side
of Graeme Street
older like me
hold me
stop me running
stop me grasping her
stop me hugging her
stop me inviting her
home for a cup of tea
a chat where
steam rises
spoons tink
sugar glints
I tell the dog at number 27
don’t bark
just don’t bark

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i poke it

something crouches inside
i poke it
something crouches inside
i poke it
to the corner
of my brain
half baked
soft in the centre
not risen yet