Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gift cup

take this. a full cup. a cup full. a cup full of love. as ye shall. a cup. drink it. with this cup. a full cup. offered. given. drink from the full cup. sup it up. the full cup. blood fills the full cup. drink from the offered cup. take the cup. hold the cup. the love cup. your cup. a gift to you. drink it. love cup. lips on the love cup. hold. contained in the cup. spilled blood. drink the blood cup. blood brother cup. hold the blood brother blood. the cup of your mouth . the mouth is a cup. drink from the mouth cup. lip on lip. mouth cup on mouth cup. this is my blood cup. in your blood cup. my blood. take my blood in your mouth cup. fill your mouth. blood in the cup. cup in me. cup me in. cup in blood. in the blood. blood in blood. love blood cup. gift cup. love gift cup. brother blood cup. do this. remember. love cup. given. my blood in your mouth. full. blood full mouth. love blood mouth cup. cup lip . mouth lip. lip to lip. drink blood. as oft as ye .blood love. shall drink it. cup. offer. love. in remembrance. your mouth blood. of me. my blood to you. a gift. take blood. gift of blood love. held in a cup. cupped. cup cup. cup. cup the gift cup. take it. a full cup. a cup full. a cup full of love. gift cup.

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