Monday, October 26, 2009

The Roadrunner

In his armoury stocked from the “Love 4 Less”
mail order catalogue
Beat Her With Words
Eradicate Love - FAST!

He has stored his nightstick “I”
which he loved to fondle
knowing it will deliver blows
guaranteed to drive out
self love and self worth.

He could deploy “HATE”
a heart seeking missile
when aimed with precision
will grind to mince meat
a loving heart’s beat.

A favourite is “YOU”
an empty word weapon
filled with your choice poison or gas
more effective and toxic
if launched from a pinnacle
Mt Despise on the horizon.
Give it a go!

Rolled is a blueprint of the “I HATE YOU” warhead
he can weld, bolt or wire this word weapon together
then prime for accidental explosion that is never his fault.

She side steps, quick dashes,
with her look behind you surprises
avoiding blows, explosions, detonations.
He is left black faced, burned and broken
smashed in the canyon
or ignominiously glued to the road.

But she is going, going, gone
beep! beep!
into the infinite distance
her love unconditional,
100% stronger,
and at no extra cost!

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