Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Day in the Garden

I admire my compost
Build a twig fence
Grape vine and olive prunings
Unwrap green babies
Tuck them into the feast of their lives
Invite hens out to sunbath together
Finde a circle of heart’s ease
Watch white viola
Bloom among the parsley
Uproot elderly zucchini
Make way for a new path
Discover a frog
Perched in the silver birch
Wait for the birth of basil
Pick tomatoes in summer
Lift carry
Shovel pitchfork
Wheel and empty,
While the hens glean behind my rake.

By the pond I have a vision –
you - my friend
under the fig tree
with a sun warm fig in your mouth.

Under the fig tree I have a vision -
you - my friend
by the pond
meditating in my healing garden

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