Friday, April 16, 2010

Clare Valley, South Australia

Blenheim morning
magpies territorial battle cries
swallows whistle in the hunt
plump thump of roof dew in downpipes
galahs! galahs galahs!
blue winged parrots argue in squeaky toy voices
distant dogs make no entry statements
suspended water spheres flash blue/green/red/orange
light cipher from the lawn
tall gums rattle leather leaves
leaf free mulberry a grey scribble
wattle birds misbehave
feathers graze air in aerial dog fights
crows deliver caw caw messages to far off relations
where are you bleat of lambs
over here response of ewes
smash of blue sky against green curved horizon
wood smoke scented air
breeze shivers in the agapanthus
moss settles the slate stairs
climbing native and windmill embrace
rose covered brick dunny
sunlight shafts the wood shed
curved stairs beckon beneath the pepper tree
lead to a military march of ants
along the signed back gate

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