Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ink missing dream

I dream. I am reading poetry, published by bohemian male poets with beards, in an apartment supplied by their rich parents. The room is full of collected treasure. Skins of hunted animals on the floor. Icons glow gold on walls. Glass cornucopias spill tribal jewellery and cut gems. The font of the book I am reading is coloured, Times Roman, with uneven ink pressure as if it had been printed by a typewriter. Some of the letters are not printed at all but are an indentation. The word ‘this’ could read his and ‘here’ could read her.

this his
here her

Awake. I want a type writer to write poetry without a ribbon. Invisible poems. Invisible words. My invisible poetry. Half written. Ink missing. Meaning hidden.

in the mirror
at the foot of the bed
i am a blur


  1. of all your recent writings, I like this the best. I also like 'today I had the urge'. Although part of me would like to replace 'urge' with 'time' :-)

  2. I know the part you are talking about :) ...but it was an urge ...i was pressed urgently...immediate action was called for! Missing Ink Dream was in my journal/diary/whatever/thingy I was showing Rose and she spotted it and said I want to see this as a poem... the festival was a rich and stimulating experience for me and I miss everyone...little bits of tears poke out.