Monday, November 22, 2010

take a voyage

take a voyage 
on the rolly polly
honkey nut sea
bougainvillea fills gutters
replaces rain
- a crimson fall

i want to hear if it can be done alone
don’t stand
be aware of emergency exits

things someone said
i can’t
i am sorry
i am sorry
i can’t
things someone else said
you don’t think
i can do this
i don’t think
i can do this
you don’t think

so much empty
so much no meaning
so much not here

it’s about more into less
it’s about nothing i know
it’s about being here before

when clouds part
stars become visible

i am fallen
stones grind my bones
twigs spear my side flesh
blood is silver in the wound

my open mouth fills with moonlight
i swallow
rain begins 

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