Monday, November 23, 2009

cyber baby

been fucking anyone
she asks

too old…but
i have a friend

she’s not my friend
she’s my cyber fuck

my cyber fuck
always wants me
wants my knickers off
wants my genitals out
wants me hot and heavy
wants me over the chair
she wants me arse up
all my bits exposed
wants to truss me tightly
wants to shave my cunt
wants to spank me
to push in past the door
wants to thrust
the cyber dildo in
then further in
then out
tells me she will fist me
she tells me I am open
she tells me as she pushes
that under her i squirm
she says she pins me down
i weep until she holds me
she tells that
she loves me
i’m her cyber baby
and she’ll be gentle now

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