Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Di’s Ladies Luncheon With Games

All lovely ladies lunch.
A fat one wheezing on a Ventolin puffer.
Somehow she destroyed her lungs with medication.
Now incurable.
Living the rest of her life with broken lungs.
Another has pains in her thighs after a hip replacement.
 She can never go wandering
at Christmas
champagne glass in hand
on her friend’s property
ever again.
Talk is of aging parents who are old but don’t know they are old.
We are old but don’t know we are old.
We are as young as we are ever going to be right now
says Karen.
Di makes us play a game.
It is Beetle.
A game from our fifties childhoods
before television.
You have to construct a beetle with the roll of the dice.
body = 6
head = 1
mouth = 4
antennae = 2
eyes = 1
legs = 5
The crayfishermen in Kalbarri were crazy for this game
Di tells us.
I am creative with my beetles.
I should have won The Best Beetle
but there wasn’t a creativity prize.

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