Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beachside Kiosk, Semaphore South

Ham, cheese onion toasted on brown and a weak latte.
"Weak! Weak! There is nothing weak about you Coral."
(A friend of mine who does not know the Truth.)
At the beachside,
"Here's -Your - Sandwich - Love" kiosk,
Semaphore South.
Raw onion is an angry Danny Green in my empty stomach.
Worst sandwich ever. But $4.50. Instant friendly service. Complaint - petty.
Coffee is half latte and half foam. It is not weak.
I go for more milk. The man fills my mug.
"That looks good. I love you now."
I tell him.
Coffee is bitter! Bitter! Bitter!
The other patrons, (should that be matrons), two women talk.
Surf boards in the family room. Territorial dispute.
Garage! Garage! Put it in the garage!
The sandhill is pock marked with footsteps.
Clouds? Yeah, there are clouds.
Isolepis Nodosa do it for me in the wind.
Kids balance in the playground.
A man and his sixties pony tail remnant
brings his Mum.
She holds her cardi against the wind.
They came for ice-cream. The choice is hard.

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