Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thinking About You.

I think of you
as always,
it seems
- lately.
I don’t count years,
                 or beers.
This is the doozy year.
The year of make
burn all bridges
Lets fucking do this…
I’m in.
Count me..
Hand up here!
Note to Reader:
Three people seem to have put their hand up for the self improvement course at the TAFE.
I am not sure which TAFE that is but I can find out and let you know before the interval of twenty minutes.
I am pretty sure that course works. I have seen people go and noted changes.
There are two schools of thought:
It Is Possible To Love Yourself
Don’t Try - It Might Work
School of Philosophy


  1. Hi Coral. It's lovey to meet a fellow Australian even if from the other side of the continent.

    I enjoy your poetry here very much. It has that direct and raw, quintessentially Australian feel. Lord knows you may not be Australian despite offering WA as your address. Still I love the power of your words and look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. I am Australian generations +. I live in Bayswater a suburb of Perth but about to return to live in my birth and home town, Kalgoorlie. So I looking forward to that poetic experience. Your words of enjoyment have arrived just in time as I said to a friend yesterday I think I will give up poetry -it is doing my head in!
    Thanks again for visiting my blog.
    See you round the traps.