Tuesday, April 5, 2011

grin and bear it?

Is 3.30pm a time to give your self a treat?
Make peace not war?
Check the water level in the bird bath?
Begin to anticipate the clock strike four?
Crack a nut?
Eat a kernel?
Try not to cry?
Remember to be grateful, mindful, full, full, full?
Put the hammer away and fill the kettle?
Watch shadows slip?
Be the stillness of the watering can
plastic green bin
discarded shoes
and a sock?
Is it time to put your head in your hand,
four fingers curved
into your bottom lip?
Let extremities fold inwards?
To concentrate on the hand that writes not types?
Link with ink?
Not pick at scabs or lick the wound?
Is 3.55
the time to listen to roof heat tick,
watch the frangipanni fall -
grin and bear it?

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