Monday, April 4, 2011

Here Again

I am here again
at the back table
the back table
I built and oiled
on early mornings
to avoid
the eye sizzling heat of noon.
Here again.
Being and moaning -
to myself
to the page
to the world
that my handwriting
like me
before my eyes,
my eyes
before my brain
my brain
within my body
which deteriorates
and on
and on
and on
when a mudlark/ piping shrike/peewee
unaware of deterioration /decay/time
oblivious of my thoughts/ feelings/self pity
careless of the cold east wind setting the scene for autumn
took a bird bath
spun globes of water like planets and suns into the air
made rainbows with the morning
and ruffled feathers blurred the black and white.


  1. between your ribs is connective tissue that stretches & flexes.. in that other one.. now, behind your ribs.. that's the meaty stuff.. or is it muscle? i love yours.. love this.. love that too.. that what you found.
    love the scale/s of this one.. panning.. not for gold though Ms Kal, just in & out.. macro to micro to macro.. and on / and on / and on....

  2. thank you once again and always for your insightful comments... i don't need to say i love you.XX