Thursday, September 24, 2009

I want

outside on the back table
he is inside
talks to Fei Fei Rob and James
the oak tree is half leafed
the builders scrape
wet concrete across metal
eaves creak expect heat
a jar of rain water is green
sooty fungus on the wax plants
the table covered in dirt
zygote blossoms
are discarded
coral coloured condoms
the wisteria flowers
except the one in the pot
child in the kitchen makes tea
my ear sings its one note melody
rats use insulation to make nests
the nodding violet is ill
he thanks someone
the clock strikes ten
I want a dove to land in the pool and drown
I want the staghorn to rise from its deathbed
I want the wind to speak
I want the goose to lay the golden egg
the sun to shine and the circus to come to town

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