Friday, September 11, 2009

James - Getting Away With It (live)

James - Getting Away With It (live)

Getting Away With It

we eat toasted sesame seed crumbed pork
almost roasted too long wedges
blood orange with rocket salad
Greek yoghurt, mint and garlic
We are filled with delicious delectable
edible divinity
glasses of champagne brut
drank ourselves to girlhood
played the music louder
Daniel’s saving Grace
I adore with the singer
my friend bags the keyboard player
she’s out in deep water
I want his shirt glued to body
His sweat really undoes me
I hope he’s a good swimmer
All poets are now singers
She shouts as we are dancing
We dance never ending
Until she is in love with the keyboard
And I am in love with the words
That’s called living

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