Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I wrote this in my car at a bar on my phone before the lights turned green doors closed battery ran out as I was coming here just now a minute ago last week I was there somewhere I forget in time to
so you will know something about me or not what I have been doing on this week last month never since you saw me I was on the train I went to visit a friend after arrangements I made on my phone text message bank at the stop I saw four dead galahs two pairs on the tracks hit by the train all smashed up feathers heads twisted to one side dead eyes looking at the sky over tea she told me she coughed up blood one night after smoking all day during a binge that lasted for weeks months years when she saw the blood all bright she thought the time she imagined for so long had come had arrived was here at last cancer in mouth lungs throat she wouldn’t have to think about it much again because she was going to die she didn’t understand why it seemed like such a new idea but it was probably because of the blood all red shiny sudden like a surprise then she freaked really freaked has given up completely for good not like the other times she had to tell the doctor I smoke not tobacco I smoke and he didn’t get it until she said you know toke I toke but it was just an infection and nothing to worry about after all she drinks more now every night but at least it is not a crime she’ll never get busted she laughs liver disease may be her new destiny her brain will be destroyed just the same I wrote this in a car bar or somewhere maybe on the train with my back pack packed maybe I wrote it while I was waiting for something to happen like an accident and when it did I wanted to graffiti
on the platform scratchy-ed into windows texta-ed on the toilet doors when I came back to the beginning to go where I wanted to go where there or not a crow was eating one of the dead galahs and I felt as if it wasn’t such a waste.

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