Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Poem to Bury a Placenta By

known by many names within
the earth curved belly
a swell in the amniotic sea
afloat and tethered to the jeweled shield
pillow and spirit raiment
the becoming being
partaking of the flat cake feast
grow me flesh
grow me feelings
grow me bones
enmeshed molecular exchange
cytoplasmic life charger
at the ignition of conception
magic in mother’s hormone stew
build within one flesh another flesh
become become become
a he a she another
risk all in the pulsating flesh quake
to be.
write in blood the exultant
the warrior woman cry
I multiply!

The placenta speaks:
bury me below the bed
near the hearth
beside the step
under the cherry tree
save me from the needle teeth of cats
rip and tear of wild dogs repast
the evil eye
barren woman’s stare
witches potent brew.
Allow yourself
one small taste to staunch
the post partum flow
prepare a little as a protein feast
a mouthful will halt
the demons of motherhood
man and woman together
place me once more
in the arms of the earth
take me the jewel pillow shield flat cake feast
return me to the earth
to wait.

Naked the born child grows alone
into the transient whisper
the smudge of ecstasy
before the inescapable return
to the ancestral home
completes the circle
to begin again
begin again
begin again
begin again
begin again
begin again

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  1. Hi Coral! I absolutely love this poem. I am wondering if I have may have permission to use it in an upcoming art show? Let me know your thoughts. I would credit you as the author, of course. Feel free to email if you'd like:, or call if you prefer: 480.343.9215. -Katie