Friday, June 12, 2009

What Ya See?

Walking home from a movie I texted a friend, the reply contained the question "What ya see?" Thinking the friend wanted my poetic response to my surroundings I spent four hours writing before I realised the question being asked was what had I seen at the movies. Such is the inadequacy of language.

Black banked clouds
refuse to release rain
backdrop to the stock exchange
swallows swarm to chase the sun
cars burn up the Paleozoic era
my feet wrapped
in nimble workers’ fingers
sidestep human shit
soiled black underpants
impact mining carpet
world technology pty ltd
and sons
my finance your finance
let me steal from you finance
hung dead ducks
haiku sux dix
graffiti is a contact sport yo! yo! yo!
one lost glitter shoe
built to dance
derelict BBQ
cooks up rust
puff of pink balloons
off to a party
old man lifts a door mat
finds the front door key
trains stuffed full
drunks shout
goodbye at the sky
beneath a bridge
a sandy hollow
where someone sleeps
alone on a verandah
a man in sunnies
creates a smokescreen
mother’s terminal illness
closes Kennedy Corner
Ryan loves Cat
cemented in Central Ave
glue sniffers’ paraphernalia
congeals in the gutter
attached to frayed leashes
arthritic dogs
limp limp cock legs
Barbie’s mutilated arm
abandoned in the park
mum teaches her kid
to play with the family pup
shopping bag of autumn leaves
floral lounge suites
take their ease
retired on the verge.

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