Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Portrait According to Facebook Quizzes

If I were a disease I would be incurable HIV
my hair would be black
I would live in Cullen Bay Darwin
where the houses sink into the sea
cafes are overpriced
neighbours pretentious
no need to worry in a tropical clime
I can drown my worries in beer
VB - which beer are you-
a working man’s pint
my pathetic score of 0%
how well do you know men
has me headed for a loneliness
this is supported by the Rorschach test
which reveals I am tormented
on a long and painful trip through life
I am Mallory Knox a psychotic bitch
sweet and as tough as nails
think men are slime
I seek revenge, infamy
and unruly angry psycho bad boy types
don’t care about dirt on my hands
my eighties band is Motley Crue
no excuses for the things I do
shout at the devil, child of the beast
I’m a liar and that’s the truth
my porno tape is coming out soon
how annoying are you? –result incredibly
make others cringe internally
but who cares
my future job is a sports star
and I would start a fight in a bar
my periodic element is gold
a boy scout loyal trustworthy
my spirit animal is Eagle
although tame my wild spirit remains
difficulties in expressing my inner most thoughts
as an Aussie I am true blue.
My disappointment lies here
Jesus doesn’t want to hang out with me
He thinks I am a lazy shit.

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